Thursday, September 20, 2007

Top Ten Reasons to Come to Annapolis for 505 NA's

All right all you on-the-fencers. It's time to pony up and get your name on the list for the upcoming NA's at SSA in Annapolis. I took the liberty of putting together a list of top 10 reasons you should get here because it's going to be an epic event:

10. A container load of west coasters are doing it, if those guys can get here why can't you?
9. We have an excellent PRO for the bargatta/pub crawl. The person's identity is secret for now, but trust me you want to be there to witness the carbomb duel.
8. Crew's union underwriting one of the parties, with skipper/crew arm wrestling and skippers required to wear panties outside their pants if they want to get in without paying.
7. On-water photography from with personalized CDs containing photos of your boat available at the end of the event, plus daily slideshows and custom prints.
6. All boats will be provided with GPS transceivers and Kattack will be providing post-race play-by-play analysis and debriefing (
5. Sailing on the Chesapeake in mid October is epic. Warm water, pleasant air, and lots of breeze.
4. SSA Race Committee is known for doing a great job.
3. 100% billeting to those who want it, guaranteed.
2. Catered dinner every night included in entry fee. So you eat for free. Plus free beer. Isn't free beer reason enough.
1. This is the first 505 regatta every to be sponsored by a lingerie shop. In order to grasp the full extent of the ramifications of this, you're just gonna have to show up in Annapolis and find out.


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